Porcelain Tiles for Floor Interior

Choose the best porcelain tiles for the floor interior.

Ceramic With A Metallic Finish

The tough, functional, and at the same time impeccably elegant interior stands out with the brilliance of steel, aluminum, copper, and titanium inclusions. And at the same time, there is not a single metal alloy here: the original effect is created by the metallic textures on the ceramic tiles, highly valued by fans of avant-garde and modern urban aesthetics.

Ceramic tiles with a metallic finish are all the rage. It perfectly meets the requirements of minimalism, a style characterized by the purity of forms, the lack of details and decorations. Here the principle of "less is more" finds its application, dominated by flat surfaces, uniform finishes, straight lines, elementary colors, cold and rough materials such as ceramics, which reproduce various metallic alloys.

To a lesser extent, but also with great success, metallic ceramic tiles are used to create complex ornamental compositions inlaid with copper and gold. The artisan effect brings sophistication to sophisticated baroque interiors.

In the development of metalized tiles, the color effects of iron, steel, copper, aluminum, and even titanium are used, in pure form or in various alloys, with different levels of oxidation. From these effects, it was possible to develop a wide range of enamels for finishing various ceramic surfaces.

From the creative union of metallurgy and ceramic production, a new concept was born of recreating pure materials in ceramic, recognizable not only by sight, but also by touch. In the new enamels, materials have been applied whose use until recently seemed impossible. They allow, for example, to reproduce stainless steel with great precision, without sacrificing the excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties of ceramic tiles.

The coverings are usually used to cover walls in interior spaces such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom with marble tiles.

They provide a multitude of uses such as protection and decoration of walls, today ceramic glazed porcelain tiles are built. popular instead of painting the wall or wallpaper.

Conventional digital wall tiles will be rectangular in size and are typically 400x400 wall tiles; 300x300 coatings, 500x500 coatings, and some specific coatings will have smaller sizes.

There are also some families that use tiles for wall cladding. However, the aesthetic effect will not be high compared to the specially manufactured line for the exterior.


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